Holographic apps boost students’ understanding of difficult concepts in science and medical education.

Middle School Education

The understanding of key scientific concepts requires advanced visualization skills in 4D (3D + time).

HoloXplorer guided explorations allow learners to experiment with difficult concepts and numerous “what if” scenarios.

High School Education

Modern concepts in physics, chemistry and biology can no longer be understood from the static pages of a textbook. 

Multiple representations and experimentation in 4D are essential for deep understanding of the concepts and processes involved.

Medical Education

This app visualizes the complex processes of blood gas transport with special emphasis on numerous factors that influence hemoglobin’s behavior, such as muscle activity, air pressure, and pathological conditions.

With this holographic app, students can diagnose syringomyelia, a fluid-filled cyst in the spinal cord’s central canal. 

Students can use several diagnostic tools and view detailed explanations about the condition and diagnosis.

A Team Dedicated to Education

Mgenuity Research was founded in 2012 with the goal of developing jaw-dropping educational software that illuminates and makes students deeply understand core concepts in science and mathematics. 

Our team includes accomplished science writers and teachers, internationally known mathematicians and math-education experts, as well as enthusiastic 3D designers and software developers.

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